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Knowing the backstage of Maracanã and coming close to the sacred pitch of the stage of two World Cups finals and one edition of the Olympic Games is again possible. What seems to be a dream for many spectators has come true thanks to the Maracanã Tour.

A stage for strong emotions and unforgettable matches, the Jornalista Mário Filho stadium was officially inaugurated in 1950, and is worldwide known as Maracana. The Stadium, which was completely reformed for FIFA’s 2014 World Cup, has been scenery to countless thrilling events throughout its history, namely king Pelé’s thousandth goal, in 1969, and the 2007 Pan American Games.

Over the years, Maracanã became a multipurpose area, a venue for other sports, many events and famous artists’ concerts, such as Paul McCartney, Madonna and the Rolling Stones. In 2016, Maracana hosted the opening and closing ceremonies of Rio 2016™ Olympic Games, besides hosting the football finals and two semifinals.

With capacity to 78,600 spectators, Maracanã is Brazil’s biggest stadium, a reference for modernity and safety around the world.

Tour Description

• Boarding at your hotel

• Exhibition

• Mixed Area

• Hall of Fame

• Modeling Area

• Locker room

• Heating room

• Football field area with access to one of the reserve benches and chairs of the Maracanã +

• Press Conference Room

• Return to the hotel

What is Included

• Maracanã Stadium Tickets 
• Transfers in and out 


Daily *

* depending on the schedule of the stadium


0-05 years old Children don't pay (baby in arms)

06-10 years old Children have 50% discount**

**The person who is legally responsible must bring the id that testify the child age.

Boarding Points

Boarding spots: Leblon, Ipanema, Copacabana, Botafogo, Flamengo, Catete, Glória, Lapa and Center.

* if you aren't staying in of of these neighbohoods, contact us and we'll help you to provide the best way to meet the guide.

Attention! The time of the round trip can suffer some delays, due to traffic conditions.

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BRL 180.00 | USD 50.00

Accept credit card:



Maracanã: Opened in 1950, the Maracanã is the largest stadium in the world and the second largest in the Americas with a capacity for 94.751 people. In addition, the "Maraca" already had the icons of the music like Madonna, the Rolling Stones, Tina Turner, Sting and Paul McCarthney among others.


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