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Petrópolis Bohemia

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This is for those how love history, architecture and also appreciates a good beer.

Favorite destination of locals when winter comes, Petropolis combines the charm of the buildings of the imperial period with the chill of the mountains and the quality of infrastructure. The city of Petropolis, also known as the "Imperial City" for having been the refuge of the portuguese imperial family during the summer,  is a historic city that keeps a beautiful architectural complex with buildings like the Cathedral of Petrópolis, the Imperial Museum, where it was the residence of the imperial family and the Quitandinha Palace, that was the biggest hotel casino of Latin America, in the 40’s. You'll also have the chance to visit Santos Dumont's house, who was an aviation pioneer.

After visiting the most important spots of Petropolis, we'll go to the brewery of Bohemia, which is a great brand of beer from Brazil. Who enters Bohemia Brewery, immediately falls in love with the beer universe. The visitation offers you the most complete experience in a beer factory. The tour presentes beer's history, its production process and ingredients that brings unique sensorial experiences and exclusive tastings.


Tour with historical places +  Imperial Museum ticcket + Bohemia Brewery + Lunch included!



Tour Description

• Quitandinha Palace

• Chocolate Store

• Imperial Museum

•  Lunch

• Crystal Palace

• Santos Dumont’s House

• Flower Clock

• São Pedro de Alcântara Cathedral

• Bohemia Brewery (Internal visitation with 3 exclusive tastings)

What is Included

• Transportation with air conditioning

• Imperial Museum Tickets

• Bilingual guide

• Bohemia Brewery Tickets

• Lunch (drinks and dessert not included)


Tuesdays, Thursdays e Saturdays.


0-05 years old Children don't pay (baby in arms)

06-10 years old Children have 50% discount**

**The person who is legally responsible must bring the id that testify the child age.

Boarding Points

Boarding spots: Leblon, Ipanema, Copacabana, Botafogo, Flamengo, Catete, Glória, Lapa and Center.

* if you aren't staying in of of these neighborhoods, contact us and we'll help you to provide the best way to meet the guide.

Attention! The time taken to go and come back might suffer changes, due to traffic conditions.

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BRL 195.00 | USD 55.00

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Petrópolis - It is known as the imperial city for having been preferred route of Don Pedro for his moments of leisure and rest. In addition to its charms, Petropolis is the safest city in the state of Rio de Janeiro according to the ranking of the IPEA.

Imperial Museum - It's also known as Imperial Palace. A historical museum located in the historic center of Petropolis. The collection is divided into the following areas: dining room, music room, state salon, Dom Pedro II office, the princess room and Empress living room.

Bohemia Brewery Factory : Founded in 1853 in Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro estate, by the german colonist Henrique Kremer, an artist at the time, with the name Cervejaria Bohemia. With his passing, in 1865, the company was left to his heirs, that renamed to Augusto Kremer & Cia. Shortly after a decade, with the separation of partnets, the company was left to Frederico Guilherme Lindscheid.

In its foundation time, Bohemia kept the characteristics of german brews of the time, with its initial production of six thousand bottles a month.The product was distributed by buggys, with animal traction, and its sales were made directly to its clients. Later on, sales were made through dealers from the region.
Through the time, the strong, bitter characteristics from german brews were altered, to meet with the market's conformity and its competitor brands, the taste got lighter and less bitter, coming to what it is now.


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